How long does it take to design “weird” trademarks, like Nike, Apple, …..?


I see you’re not doing anything …


About 20 years ago… I am sitting in my architectural office and looking through the glass front door. In the facade of the building across the street …

By thinking, I try to solve one of the common problems in designing a “weird” trademarks of a company.



I don’t see anyone outside …

Suddenly, my friend enters the office and asks what you are doing.

I say, here I am working …


I see that you are not doing anything, said my friend, but you are just looking out the window …

Well, what should I do, dig in the office to make you think I’m working ….. footpaths in the park?

Of course, it was all a joke and the truth ……….



Apple logo evolution,

Apple logo evolution



Physical or intellectual jobs design “weird” trademarks … Which are harder?



In our country, intellectual work was not really appreciated. I remember one user of my services commenting, “That’s a lot of paper

money for me”.

Sir, I don’t sell paper …….. If you need paper, I’ll give it to you for free ……. I said. 


Of course, it is harder to dig a canal than to work on “weird” trademarks … But intellectual work should not be neglected either.

The hardest part is coming up with an idea in your head, so there is no computer program.

Some politicians divided the state by sketching in on a plain napkin.


Not going into the background of that, but also the sketch on the napkin had to be well thought out first in my head.

Even if that job is not easy, it is harder than transferring the idea to paper.



That transfer is already physical labor.



Nike logo evolution, “weird” trademarks

Nike logo evolution



Did “weird” trademarks Nike “bite off” part of Apple’s?



So what do we see here? A keen apple and a boomerang?

An apple could represent an apple orchard, and a boomerang would be some kind of recreation center.



Or maybe a boomerang hits that apple. He hits the apple so hard he bit it off.

But the joke aside.



Of course, on the left is Apple’s “weird” trademark, and on the right is Nike’s “weird” trademark.

I didn’t check, and maybe part of the “weird” trademarks of “Nike” would just fit into this part bitten off by Apple.


But what the meaning really is I couldn’t even imagine, if I hadn’t read the interpretation from the links below.


Anything …. “weird” trademarks ……



nike logo, “weird” trademarks

Nike logo






Apple logo, “weird” trademarks

Apple logo



















“weird” trademarks, seafood, or peacock?



Seafood or peacock? Decide for yourself …..

I’m tired. Eh, that I now have paper tissue with noticeable self-adhesive tape …




Shell logo evolution, “weird” trademarks

Shell logo evolution



Huawei logo

Huawei logo


Trademark authors: Carolyn Davidson: NIKE, Rob Janoff: APPLE, Raymond Loewy: SHELL, Unknow: HUAWEI



You can also see the meanings of individual trademarks:


Thematic examples are:


I hope I have helped you understand the weight and responsibility of intellectual services when designing trademarks.


What are your opinions and what do some „weird“ trademarks associate you with and for which activity?

They’re real or rather another?


Either way, leave your comment.

Greetings …….


Write your impressions and questions in the comment below:


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