The only attractivecity with 2 pedestrian crossings, white and gray and flower pots as barricades for pedestrians …

To relocate the existing pedestrian crossing and prevent further crossings across the road at the site, allegedly for safety reasons, traffic experts painted the old crossing gray and set up flower pots barricades instead of traffic signs…


But unsuccessfully… still a certain number of pedestrians cross the old gray crossing…


With this intervention, they moved a part of the mainline of pedestrian communication over 1000 meters long,…


And a new crossing twenty meters away, painted white…


Couldn’t this have been solved more painlessly, only with a traffic mirror, and without moving part of the mainline of pedestrian communication…


Problem/Location: pedestrian crossing/City of Slavonski Brod, Croatia



One picture, speaks more than 1000 words …



Here you can see a portfolio of photos of unarranged / neglected / devastated architectural / construction / utility devices / equipment / public spaces / infrastructure and the like, which need to be arranged / rehabilitated / reconstructed / replaced / cleaned …:




















I hope that this content has helped you to look back and take appropriate measures against the culprits and the competent services in charge of the subject …


All with the aim of eliminating these shortcomings and living in a clean and healthy environment …

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Do you have similar cases in your city and how do you deal with them?


Write your impressions, questions, or pictures in the comment below …

Until reading …….

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