Comments on design, function and construction, or vice versa … Part II

Comments on design, function and construction, or vice versa ...Part II

Smarter gives in …

Architectural rules …

What is more important in architecture? Design or function … Both. Depending on several circumstances … From the investor, the purpose of the building, location, construction …

Let’s read what one citizen says, in the continuation of his previous comment…


Comment from an anonymous expert or layman …Part II

@ Frog, there was no intention to continue…

But the sequel still reads: I give up. It is not a shame to admit that you had an unsustainable opinion, but to maintain it unsustainably.

There are too many arguments. Not yours, but those in my head. I’m not interested in Duspare, HDZ, or even broken money. In the end, one thing is important: what is left for us to serve and live among us, so that it makes our life easier or harder, in return for the beautiful squares of land we gave for it. That something is someone’s a crippled child. So we will serve him.

In all my comments, oral or written, I only tried to defend architecture, not the prostitution that gave birth to it. Because even a prostitute can give birth to a very beautiful and smart child. And honestly put him on his feet.

So who then had to remain moral in the whole thing? The one who drew. And for two reasons: firstly – because of the oath and purity of the architectural Hippocrates (which doctors still adhere to) and secondly: because of the personal moral standard by which the citizens to whom I do and give are more important than erecting my own monument.


If these two requirements were met with one shot, more super goals would be scored:
First- The function would be unquestionable (which is the architectural Hippocrates or condition sine qua non, always and forever). Now, various shortcomings are constantly being listed, but unfortunately, there are also some that are visible to the citizen-user.

Secondly, great service would be done to his Benefactor who gives, arranges, and pays for expensive jobs, because as a token of gratitude he would be given a product that will not ignite the public, at least in the domain of the architecture they order (or at least the holiday would not be permanent, as it will be now, with each withdrawal of the bags along the pavement and the search for parking) and

Third – the cartoonist would now live peacefully (I hope he doesn’t live!), With a glass of wine, happy and satisfied with a nice reference, congratulating himself on how, with masterful exhibitions among the arrogant lions of the ignorant, he brought to light a beautiful and functional house place, and indebted Brođane. Then he would hear from me: Bravo master!

The Jerlavs only asked for and paid, with full confidence in the profession, but they do not know, nor do they have to know how to put together a project task, and in that part, they are guilty only because they did not initially ask for a Traffic Study. chocolate first make a Technology project!). From you, master, they got a coward’s egg, which now gives them an extra headache.

And more…

But at the same time, I really want to defend my profession, and I don’t know if you can understand how much it hurts and angers me because I try to be on the side of the house until the last atom of the argument, that crippled child, who I fail to defend and constantly break. Because she has quality and beauty in her, but a miserable and difficult future, in which she will depend only on the janitor and her cleaning aunt.

Therefore, as much as I understand the reckless enthusiasm of the profession, I can not accept the fact that, for the sake of monuments, it is possible to ignore the first request of each station: prevent pedestrian and vehicle crossings, and allow only 4 parking lots?

And that’s why – instead of “Bravo masters”, I say “Sorry masters”. Although a reference to be desired.

If Brod had an airport, it would be a small airport where you would arrive at check-in with a bag across the airport runway. These are all, more or less, stations.

And one more thing. Stations have categories (A-D), such as hotels. The old station had a category B. According to the Ordinance, from 2014, the following is assessed: the content of the space, equipment, parking, and working hours. Will he now, even without getting beauty points, move into category A?

for @Frog: please when you think of the station try to get out of your head all those above names and abbreviations, and see only the organism that, young and beautiful, suffers. How to help him?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or …

Architectural works, as well as works from other fields of art, affect the senses of the citizens of the user. On the eye, hearing, emotions, … but also on their physical fatigue, user money.

Of course, if the building is non-functional …

Why does the City Administration not regularly maintain/control it?


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Problem/Location: Comment/City of Slavonski Brod, Croatia

I hope this content has helped you look back and give relevant comments.

Of course, with the competent services in charge of solving problems in your city …


The goal is to eliminate the shortcomings and live in a beautiful and functional environment …

In other words, do you have similar cases in your city and how do you deal with that topic? 



Building users, rightly comment on their non-functionality, but I do not give them the right to evaluate the design, except in terms of likes or dislikes, but not in terms of design quality…


Write your impressions, questions, or pictures in the comment below …

Until reading …….


One picture, speaks more than 1000 words … photo: Dusko Medakovic,, sbperiskop,


new-bus-station1, Vedran Pedisic, chief and conceptual designer of SANGRAD d.o.o. from Zagreb




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