Is this a free advertisement for thermal insulation facade panels, or …??

Is this a free advertising thermal insulation facade panels, or ...??

Thermal insulation…Ah, that physics and math…


At the Faculty of Architecture design engineering, I first encountered the calculation of heat losses of a building. I have to admit I wasn’t really interested in that. Why?


Well because there is a lot of math, calculations, calculations… .. it is quite complex and complicated. For thermal insulation.

What is the purpose of this calculation of heat losses of a building?


It serves so that architects would know what type and thickness of thermal insulation where to predict.

In order for it to have a few losses as possible in winter when the building is heated, and over the summer from excessive external heating.


The thickness of the insulation is different, depending on the climatic zones, depending on the type of building, and depending on the

part of the building that is insulated.


Is it the outer wall, is it the wall towards the heated space. And, is the wall facing the unheated space?


Is the ceiling towards the unheated space, towards the roof, towards the basement, and so on and so forth …

Different thermal insulation panels have different thicknesses and heat loss coefficients.


worker, thermal insulation
“fush” worker



Rules, rules, for facade thermal insulation…..


The facade of the building is a common part of the building co-owned by all co-owners of the building when it comes to an apartment building.


All work is performed through the building manager in prior agreement with the consonants.

All interventions in the space are done in accordance with the valid spatial planning documentation.


When it comes to the reconstruction of an existing building, it can be protected as a building or as a building can be located in the area of ​​preventive protection, or in the historic center of the city.

The competent conservation institute for the protection of buildings that are cultural monuments issues special conservation conditions for the intended intervention in the area.


When it comes to the reconstruction or arrangement of procedures for a protected building or for a building located within a protected historic urban zone, the procedure is similar.


Not to say the same…



the same building more than 100 years ago ....
the same building more than 100 years ago…


Let’s move on, thermal insulation again…


And what now?

The building in question has 5-6 co-owners.


The most untidy part of the facade is from one neighbor-co-owner, visible in the photo. The other co-owners installed

thermal insulation panels on their parts of the facade and arranged the facade.


I say, neighbor, because that building is across from my building where I live. He’s a hardworking boy.

I say boyfriend because he’s younger than me.


Probably due to lack of funds he was forced to edit part by part of the building. A year ago, he arranged the joints with the facade around his two windows.


In the last month, he started installing facade thermal insulation boards. The decoration of its part of the facade began from the point of

view of one room, visible in the photo.



Different dimensions, thicknesses thermal insulation panels…


smoothing thermal insulation
smoothing thermal insulation


It is unclear why exactly from that part of the facade. I do not know. Maybe it’s the coldest part of his room.


The thermal insulation panels that he places on the facade are one of the highest quality, which can be purchased on our market in Croatia, as far as I know.


There are different dimensions, thicknesses, which in this case does not matter.


How the whole building looked like 100 years ago and that east can be seen in the photo.


The installed thermal insulation planes are located only on the part of the protrusion. Will we continue with the sequel, we will see …..

You should arrange your whole part of the facade so that the building would be beautiful and beautiful as a woman.


Regardless of the continuation of the installation of facade thermal insulation windows, it is very important that these layers of

thermal panels will be placed on the layers of the facade, on which the facade is applied.


Why does it matter?

Well, that’s why the facade on the thermal insulation board will remain unpainted, the name of the manufacturer of these windows will

remain visible.


If you do not decide that it will turn out for everyone, grab a free advertisement for manufacturers of thermal insulation windows ……., As

a strange logo.


the street where the building was located on the right more than 100 years ago, thermal insulation
the street where the building was located on the right more than 100 years ago…



Happiness in misfortune …….


Another thing.

Luckily, these thermal insulation panels are lightweight, so even if they fall out, they will be worth nothing to passers-by who use the

footpath below ……


“Happiness” is up to the neighboring radio station 3.0 hours at night, so there are no more pedestrians on foot….


Passionately. Don’t let my neighbor be your role model …….

Luckily for him, it’s a pity for the pedestrians that no inspection was found …….


Thematic examples are:


Do you have pictures of acrobatic workers …?

Either way, leave your comment.


Until reading …….


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