How to destroy a beautiful park in 10 years …

How to destroy a beautiful park in 10 years

It’s raining in the park, the grass is growing …


Our, once the most beautiful, park Klasije is in the immediate vicinity of the Brod Fortress


It used to be its integral part until they were separated by a new road.



In the former state, it was one of its most beautiful parks. Not like that about which I once wrote…


Today, 30 years after the destruction of the war, everything in it has changed …


Today we will analyze, who is to blame for this neglect, destruction, and non-maintenance of public Parks?



fire hydrant
fire hydrant


neglected recreation trail
neglected recreation trail


broken track1
broken track1


Trees and ornamental shrubs for all seasons…


The former Park had various types of trees and ornamental shrubs


Throughout the year, something bloomed… In various colors and scents. It was, and there is more always, and deciduous and coniferous trees. Some trees dried up, so they cut them down as well drove away.


But, of course, the stumps were left, probably to know where the tree was…

Shrubs were maintained, pruned regularly….


There were also some types of Japanese plums. We kids ate it, ate it, ate it… and then quickly ran to some nearby one bush…


broken park tree 3 months afte storm 1
broken park tree 3 months after storm 1


broken tree 3 months after storm
broken tree 3 months after the storm


Park full of children…


Over the summer, as children, we played in the Park of hiding and Seek, War, Cops and Thieves, Cowboys, and Indians… There were no cell phones and Corona like today…


Until late at night…. Until our parents invite us home. As soon as they called the first one, they immediately stayed they shouted: “Aunt, let him go a little longer …” There were up to twenty of us.


And from 10 to 15 years.


Luckily it was the summer holidays, so we didn’t have to go to school the next day…


We were so tired of healthy play that sometimes, before going to bed, we didn’t wash our feet… so it is the brother and me mom got out of bed to wash….


unfinished paving footpath
unfinished paving footpath


destroyed concrete-park cubes from 30 years ago
destroyed concrete-park cubes from 30 years ago




abandoned kiosk stands
abandoned kiosk stands


neglected excavation
neglected excavation




Today there are no more children playing in the park. They are all at home and playing with mobile phones… per day…


Over the weekend, young people, at night, gathered in the park on benches with Coca-Cola and wine, because they did not have money to drink in cafes…


When they get drunk, they demolish urban furniture…


Now lately, young people no longer go to it even on weekends… Not because of Corona, but because they don’t even have money for drinks…


Modified monuments … trash cans, public lighting, benches …

… Some new weird seedlings were added, and the hiking trails were abolished.


Young people are destroying urban equipment, and the authorities are maintaining it badly …


destroyed waste bins 1
destroyed waste bins 1


broken bench
broken bench


field trip through Park
a field trip through Park


In order to animate the competent services, in order to eliminate the shortcomings in the public surfaces, I founded FB Group:

“ARRANGE YOUR  CITY, TO LOVE IT MORE”, from the field of communal infrastructure, traffic, economy, urban

furniture, architectural design, photography, engineering, with attached examples of photographs


I hope that this content helped you, in understanding our problems, so that you could eliminate them in time and not allow a similar case as with us …


Thematic examples are:


Do you have a picture and a story about “Parks” in your city?

Either way, leave your comment.


Until reading …….


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