Why did I have double heating when making rooftop solar heating?

Why did I have double heating when making rooftop solar heating



The decision has been made, we are going for solar heating…


Until, a couple of years ago, I had large monthly amounts for electricity consumed in the apartment. I had to make a reduction in consumption. Solar heating???


Change classic light bulbs into LED light bulbs. I unplugged electrical appliances when I did they don’t need to, just don’t be on stand by.



It was the turn of electricity consumption for central heating.


There is no other, we go to the solar heating to reheat our residential heating.



Analysis, and let’s go, action …solar heating!


roof wall construction
                                                                                roof wall construction


Go to Google and search for the solar collector. Water, via radiator or air on blowing out the heated air. Conclusion — I’m going to air solar heating.


My apartment is on the 2nd floor. There are two more floors above me. Well, roof-slight slope.


Where to place the solar collector. On one of the balconies?


My balconies are one to the east, the other to the west. Orientation doesn’t suit me. I would have half alone days of sunshine (either morning or afternoon).



Another option is a roof.


The drain and supply pipes will be too long. There will be heat loss of energy… The decision fell — the solar heating box — goes to the roof. South orientation.




Although I’m aware I’m going to ruin a nice building.



But, first drawing, then making…


Drawing box structure solar heating
                                                                               drawing box structure solar heating


After deciding on the type of solar heating and its location, we go to determine the construction and material, and size of the solar collector box.


Well, then to the drawing….


section structure solar heating
                                                                    section structure the solar collector


For the solar heating box, I opted for an aluminum sheet between wood and sheet metal. It’s a long-lasting material and heats up better in the sun. The size of the solar heating box is 100×250 cm.


Multilayer polycarbonate panels go from the front. UV resistant.



3d structure box the solar collector
                                                                              3d structure box the solar collector


The solar heating box must also have openings for air supply and exhaust. How much I just had to drink tin beers, to fit them into a the solar collector box.


About 200 pieces.



Side drawing construction box the solar collector
                                                          Side drawing construction box the solar collector


The construction is made of the iron profile, inclined 75 ° to the south.



Roof mounting, thermal hell in August…



Rear part solar heating
Rear part solar heating
front side box solar heating
front side box solar heating

























Circumstances were so that the assembly of the structure and the box of solar heating was in August…


In times of greatest heat and heat …… Personally, I actively participated from start to finish operations.


On the roof of the building is an aluminum trapezoidal sheet….Hell.


We baked on a tin roof and from above and from below.



Solar heating-beauty on the roof…





























And it doesn’t really spoil the look of the building. And to disturb it, when the whole building on the facades is full of vents from gas boilers.


On the roof of various antennas, whose cables are either intact or broken, go along the facade, which I will discuss write separately…


Plastic and aluminum flexible pipes from the solar collector to the apartment go through the flue length of approx. 11.0 m.


And it was a special operation….Uhhhhhh.



After the rain, the sun shines…


Inlet tube solar heating
Inlet tube solar heating


Now that it’s all over, and in function. Nothing nicer.


Space is heated through the exhaust pipe, which I have painted to fit the color of the furniture, which is not very good quality.


Electricity bills are smaller. Less energy is spent on basic central heating.


Next to it is a box with a device for automatic starting and extinguishing of the fan and measuring device devices for air temperature and humidity (outdoor and indoor). All you have to do is plaster the holes and paint that one wall.


Luckily, no one in our building heats with wood, and each apartment has its own flue.


I hope I helped you in terms of how I had dual heating when making solar heating on the roof.


It is a pity that this box of the solar collector was not made by some company, so it put its trademark, which I once wrote about.


Do something for yourself …


Thematic examples are:


Do you have a picture of the solar collector?

Either way, leave your comment.


Until reading …….


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