Comments on design, function and construction, or vice versa … Part I


Whether to share comments publicly, or keep them to yourself …

Architectural rules …

We students at the Faculty of Architecture were taught that there are two ways of architectural design… The first is to start with a classic functional solution and the design as it turns out. But taking into account the construction system of the building…

The long way is to start with shaping, so the function is interpolated into shape. While the civil engineer is in charge of designing the structure, taking care not to disturb the design of the building…



Comment from an anonymous expert or layman …

“Architecture is ruled by three rules: Function, Construction, and Form. In that order or vice versa, by choice. Well done to the master who satisfies all three “ladies” equally well.

The Function is neglected here. At the expense of a very good form formed by an even better construction (canopy). But compensations, no matter how much you want, are not allowed!

There are many details that neglect Function and glorify Form. Apart from these parking lots, there are many things to list, but for an even longer text. I mention only one detail: that man in the traffic office who will at one point be passed by a bus full of unbuttoned slits because right next to his door is a public toilet door (the toilet door is lined with very expensive corten steel, but this is already justified by the Form).

This traffic warden has another problem: when he wants to check and announce the bus, he has to get up from his chair, come and open the heavy glass door with effort, and check which platform the bus is on, come back and announce. So, unfortunately, his hidden desire and hope that he would get a cockpit window from where, like an emperor from his chair, he could see the whole station, failed.


Deficiencies in function indicate design negligence or immaturity. But strong design also shows great design creativity. It’s hard to decide. The architecture is beautiful. But like any beauty, it is short-lived and requires a huge investment in maintenance. Or it decays rapidly (just look at the joints in the canopy ceiling).

Beautiful architecture is like a beautiful woman, and a beautiful woman costs money. So, in addition to the clumsy function, the user also has maintenance costs, much more pronounced here than in standard facilities (same example: swimming pools, kayak club …)

It is not the fault of the clerks (who count the parking lots given according to the plans), nor the Client (who leaves everything to the profession with confidence), nor the designer (who with childlike joy creates an eye-pleasing house), nor the contractor (who performs works beyond the rules of the trade. Or is everyone a little carried away and everyone a little guilty? Well, that makes us angry.

In the end, beauty remains for us, and torment for the user.

And in the end, I still choose architecture (Form). The function can be improved (uh, with a little more money!), The works can be repaired with better quality details (uh, with a little more money!), But an ugly house always remains ugly and permanently pollutes the space (and it doesn’t cost that much).

Fix everything that can be fixed, now that it’s new, plan the means for maintenance and enjoy the first impression when you get to Brod! ”


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or …

Architectural works, as well as works from other fields of art, affect the senses of the citizens of the user. On the eye, hearing, emotions, … but also on their physical fatigue, user money.

Of course, if the building is non-functional …

Why does the City Administration not regularly maintain/control it?


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Problem/Location: Comments/City of Slavonski Brod, Croatia

I hope this content has helped you look back and give relevant comments.

Of course, with the competent services in charge of solving problems in your city …


The goal is to eliminate the shortcomings and live in a beautiful and functional environment …

In other words, do you have similar cases in your city and how do you deal with that topic? 



Building users, rightly comment on their non-functionality, but I do not give them the right to evaluate the design, except in terms of likes or dislikes, but not in terms of design quality…


Write your impressions, questions, or pictures in the comment below …

Until reading …….


One picture, speaks more than 1000 words … photo: Dusko Medakovic, Google


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