Why is a beautiful building as beautiful as a woman?

Why does a beautiful building is beautiful as a woman

Nature made us proportional…., and we a beautiful building.



Long ago, world-famous artists analyzed human figures and beautiful buildings in terms of their proportions.

Height, as opposed to the width of the whole figure.


And the mutual proportions of their individual parts, as in a beautiful building.

Today we will try to combine nature and beautiful buildings.


Vitruvian man with proportions suggested by Leonardo da Vinci, beautiful building
Vitruvian man with proportions suggested by Leonardo da Vinci
proportions beautiful female body, beautiful building
proportions beautiful female body











…..and beautiful, like a beautiful building


Legs high and thin. Hips, proportionally wider. Waist narrower, breasts proportional.

Volume versus weight.


Now fashion designers would say: makeup faces, arrange hair. Put on a necklace, earring, bracelet, and so on, and so forth.

Well, the women themselves know that.


Shoes and clothes, I wrote about, this or that. And they become beautiful women …… everyone stares at them and turns to them …….


Beauty attracts…


Beautiful woman
Beautiful woman/Teya Bozhilova


Good professors, a beautiful building …



At the faculty, we also had a subject called architectural design compositions.

One of my professors at the university said: that in order for a beautiful building, nothing needs to be added or taken away from it.


We also made models of our designed buildings from this object.


And really. For a beautiful building, it must have a certain composition. And a nicely decorated facade, just like when a woman gets

dressed, I wrote about and put on makeup.


beautiful building Heydar Aliyev Center
Beautiful Heydar Aliyev Center woman Zaha Hadid Pinterest
Beatiful organic house germany, beautiful building
Beautiful organic house Germany/Walter Andre











Point of “i”…..

I used to often tell investors, during the construction of their buildings, to be patient a little until the beautiful building is completely

I finished.

What does that mean?


This means that we can talk about the beautiful building only after decorating and painting the facade. It’s like with a woman

until she puts on makeup.


That’s not it. So it is with the facade of the building.

The arrangement of the facade of the beautiful building is a point on the „i“.


hotel croatia
Hotel Art/Croatia/Dusko Medakovic, arch


Counter effect…

The relationship between width and height, area and volume, color, the rhythm of openings, balconies, and so on is, in addition to the

The functionality of the building is the most important for a beautiful building


The worst is when for any reason a stocky structure is made. Whether it’s the architect’s ignorance the investor’s request or a third



It is ugly to see in public a building that is disproportionate. It rewards space. You can’t look at her. With the wrong and poorly chosen

color, the facade can disfigure the building. So a woman, if she chooses the wrong color, can get a counter effect:




Architects as Gods ……for beautiful building……


We, creators, and architects, give people and nature publicly the results of our ideas through the design of buildings.

The rhythm on the front of the building must be well thought out. With windows and other openings. Protrusions, and various



A building must have legs, foundations, body, walls, head, roof. All these parts must be mutually harmonized and proportional.

Balconies in buildings, in addition to function, also have a certain task in terms of the shape of the design.


Just as nature designed us humans, animals, and plants, so do we design and create our own buildings.

To be beautiful.

Like women.


beautiful building and facades hotel paris
Beautiful facades Hotel Paris



Makeup and beautiful building …



Colors are the most important. For a building to be a beautiful building, like a beautiful woman, it must also be well made up.


A well-chosen color of the facade depends on the size of the building, the environment in which it is located, the colors of the surrounding

buildings, etc…


Like a woman, a beautiful woman must be made up to be even more beautiful. Makeup comes in a variety of colors.

And women have to choose, a color considering the clothes they wear on themselves, etc …


beautiful building facade gettyimages eyeem
beautiful facades buildings gettyimages eyeem
Beautiful facades, beautiful building wroclaw poland,
Beautiful facades buildings Wroclaw Poland











Greeks, smarter than us….


And finally, it was nice to learn today, for those who didn’t know it yet, that the ancient Greeks discovered something a long time ago.

And that is how to use certain forms that are found in plants, animals, insects, and other natural living beings.


This golden ratio, in terms of proportion, is determined by the numbers 1: 1,618.

This should be adhered to in the architectural design profession, all for the reason that our buildings are visually attractive.


And beautiful.

As women……


golden ratio
golden ratio design examples/Arts2Art


I hope I helped you too, in terms of why a beautiful building has to be as beautiful as a woman.


It is a pity that this golden ratio was not used, among other things, when sketching the Park, I wrote about.


And when you create something at home, try to use the golden ratio. Everything will be more proportionate and beautiful


Thematic examples are:


Do you have a picture of a beautiful building?

Either way, leave your comment.

Until reading …….

Write your impressions and questions in the comment below:

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