Advent 2020/2021., dangerous to health and life…

Advent 2020/2021., dangerous to health and life

The most beautiful promenade, ever …


Our Promenade has always been the most beautiful… It had its soul… Especially for Advent


It is beautiful, with an area of ​​approximately 10,000 m2. In my time youth, we walked

there and looking for our girls…, and they looked at us…


The promenade had, an unwritten rule, that there were three zones of walkers inside it. Left, middle, and right… 


All depending on the age you have…


It was partially leveled, in areas where there were roads… With a slight longitudinal and transverse “belly”.


All were treated with asphalt…



old promenade 2002.
old promenade 2002., photo Zdravko Grčević


Reconstruction of Promenade, in even more beautiful…


Its reconstruction took a long time, as it is located in a protected archaeological zone, so conservators had to study the excavations…


The conceptual design was made by the architect Mihajlo Kranjc. The basic surface of the Promenade is made of stone.



Drainage gutters are made of granite cubes. In one part, a diagonal raster with a stone in two colors was discreetly added.


It is functionally divided into side zones intended for catering terraces, while the central part is left to walkers…



The part is also horticulturally arranged, with urban furniture…

Everything is harmonious, such as architectural design and architectural landscape …


Everything near the park I wrote about earlier …


At the bottom of the Promenade, there is a large stone coat of arms of the town of Slavonski Brod.

Public lighting poles have also been changed. Set in a central location is an elliptical fountain.


new promenade 2011., photo
new promenade 2011., photo Zdravko Grčević


And my attempt to contribute to a better, more beautiful, and tidy Promenade…


And I, through my conceptual design, tried to contribute to a better, more beautiful, and tidier Promenade…



My concept consisted of two underground floors… Each floor had three zones:

1. Business premises, 2. Public parking and 3. dual-purpose shelter. Road entrance and

the exit are solved as a spiral…

Pedestrian vertical communications are solved separately from road approaches…


The canopy has glass canopies, domes, and a glass pyramid, which serves not only to

illuminate the first underground floor but also as a design element…


In addition to the above, for the visual “breaking” of the narrow but long shape of the

Promenade, and amphitheaters are also planned, as summer stage…


But, unfortunately, since politics is “stronger” than the profession… nothing from my conception…


Too bad.


There is also my drawing of architecture




Multipurpose Promenade….


Countless cultural events have always been held on our Promenade…


From all kinds of fairs, events, concerts, advertising, and politics, to sports events and

Advent with New Year’s Eve…


Everything was held there.


For Advent, there are even houses for the occasional sale of food, drinks, and souvenirs…,

and a podium for musicians and ice skating…


I think that the promenade is crowded with what is needed and what is not needed …


From year to year, for the New Year holidays, the promenade is everything everything is

worse and worse …, which is not unusual, since the city administration of the City of

Slavonski Brod does not have an architect to guide them on this issue, but these tasks

are performed, probably by lawyers and secretaries of the head…


There are also two hotels I wrote about earlier…


nursery advent
nursery advent


Damage to the Promenade and its maintenance…


Although our promenade is not very well done and according to the rules of the

profession, some of the works were not repaired during the 11-year warranty for

unknown reasons…


Since 2004, when the arrangement of our Promenade was completed, the time has done its…


Stone slabs under the wheels of supply vehicles were broken, granite cubes fell out,

depressions were formed on some surfaces, joints were disappearing, weeds began to grow,…


In addition to the above, at various events, as well as the time of this year’s Advent, there

are always problems with various connections electric cables, which are laid on the floor

surface, opening various manholes, leaking water from the fountain, leaking water from

the rink, and for or these reasons he cannot walk normally and safely.


In addition to the above, dangerous and distorted Christmas trees,….


Here’s what that architecture design engineering looks like, at this year’s Advent:


oblique decorative wood
oblique decorative wood


floor cable protection advent
floor cable protection advent


floor wood cable protection
floor wood cable protection


leak water fountain1
leak water fountain1


manhole protection
manhole protection


likeness panel
likeness panel


grass stone
grass stone


leak water fountain
leak water fountain


suspended cables advent
suspended cables advent


weird characters
weird characters


electrical cables panel1
electrical cables panel1




I hope that this content has helped you, …………..


Thematic examples are:


Do you have a picture and story of an „Advent“ in your city?

Either way, leave your comment.


Until reading …….

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