How did the builders of footpaths in a park in Croatia endanger the environment with a “chessboard”?

How did the builders of footpaths in a park in Croatia endanger the environment with a "chessboard"?


We learned this a long time ago in college, and even in high school, how to determine the position of walking footpaths in a park.


However, none of that in practice. Now, if one of the non-experts was doing it, come on. However, when it is done by professionals, it

becomes a problem.



The position of the footpaths in a park, on the green area, is determined very easily.


The grass is sown, when the grass grows, people are allowed to “tread” the paths.

In history and without a chessboard, again a problem…

We have a bad example from that country in front of the railway station in Slavonski Brod.


From that patisserie in front of the train station to the train station, even if a man has two suitcases, he certainly needs to get from one

a place to another in 15 minutes.



And why 15 minutes?

Well, because the trails look like they let snakes make the routes of future trails…

field road in the lawn
 field road in the lawn

another field road in the lawn
 field roads in the lawn

Children, experts, footpaths in a park…

 We have the most recent example, from a few years ago, in the city center. There is no end to the nonsense.

 It is a small park between the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mesiceva Street.

Concrete slab-cubes are laid there, in a way, as if robots will walk there.


You go straight, then left at 90 degrees, then right at 90 degrees, then straight, then right again at 90 degrees, then left, then right, the


This is where the robots in the bend would land from the track ……


I don’t know who is the author of that scheme of arranging the footpath in a park, but it is better that they let the children draw

it, and the profession processes it.



Children would be more creative and functional than individual builders.

park Banderevo u Gradu Rijeka, footpaths in a park

Head of City Administration for footpaths in a park ………




Well, because I once drew the attention of the head of the city administration of the City of Slavonski Brod, that this is not a good the

the solution, to make breaks of the footpath at 90 degrees, but to make a semicircular bend so that people do not tread on the ground,

mud, and grass, because of not a good solution.

The environment will be endangered.

The headmaster didn’t listen to me, so it was made the way it is, and the children would surely make it far more creative and

beautiful and it would be nice to see that landscaped park, which they made with their creation, whenever they walk along the


This is how the boss, a construction expert, gave such a sketch to the contractors, who are cubes placed at right angles, left, right.

And without semicircular bends, so as not to endanger the environment, grass, and land, as with the entrance platform of the

pedestrian bridge.

In that case, they would have to cut a few boards here and there to make a smoother transition to the left or right, which is immediately a

bigger and more expensive job for them.

full park, footpaths in a park
              full Park


Die, donkey, while the grass grows…

Thus, they set the “cubes” quickly, straight, and at right angles, and got paths that even robots could not master, let alone people who

are constantly in a hurry and who always take shortcuts.

 So in this small park, you had to sow grass before laying the dice.

 And then, when the grass grows, let the people pave the paths …  Oh, what architectural photographs

 Then lay the footpath slabs…

a flower garden in a park, footpaths in the park
              a flower garden in the parkland along the footpath

And footpaths in a park in „Klasija“ Park?

Remember, old boatmen, the position of the old footpath that led from the post office, there to the patisserie.


It didn’t go straight below 90 degrees but in gentle bends.

Very tailored to people…


a winding footpath in a park
             a winding footpath in the park




By this act, the builders who participated in this procedure with this way of placing concrete cubes, as on a chessboard

endangered the environment (grass, earth, mud, puddles of water)…

Luckily, the boss isn’t from Slavonski Brod, so he doesn’t have to look at the puddle every day, especially in the autumn/winter period, as a

collection for beautiful women.

And luckily, the concrete cubes are not in two colors. It would be a problem with which color, top left, to start with…

I hope I helped you too, in terms of how to determine the route of the hiking trails in your backyard.

It is a pity that, when sketching this Park, among other things because of its beauty, the golden ratio was not used.

Thematic examples are:


Now let’s see, what do you say to that?

Do you have a picture of a walking path for “robots”?
Either way, leave your comment.

Greetings …….

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