Book cover design: “I read and write”, ie 52 + 1 = 53 …

… as we watch and draw…

Literature, like love …

I have read three books in my life … And I am not ashamed to say it publicly … In primary school, most of us copied books from hard-working students … And from those who loved to read … And, of course, those who love books …

I’ve always wondered how someone loves and has time to read books … Or watch movies …

For each book we read, we had to write characteristics … After the transcribed text, I graphically edited the pages of the Lektira notebook and book cover design… To myself, but also to other students in the class …


Book cover design

A few days ago, an acquaintance called me, mr. sc. Darija Mataić Agičić, prof., A senior librarian from Slavonski Brod City Library… She is publishing the second edition of her book “I read and write”, so she needs to design a book cover design

That book is about 52 essays, 52 books about 52 weeks a year … Essays are from Croatian and world literature, these are more of her impressions of what you read …

“It is almost always about beautiful literature, the one that, in the library, stays behind the shelves “, concludes Darija.

I know she is very demanding, meticulous, and knows what she wants…

She also showed me the book cover design that she worked on for the first edition of that book… as well as several of her variants, but she says she is not happy with them…

Come on, we can try…


Conceptual solutions…

The hardest thing is to get started… The more you think about the task, the fewer ideas come to your mind… And vice versa…

I even thought about giving up… Until I stared at the wall picture I made for my living room about 12 years ago… And said, “That’s it…”.

I haven’t done graphic design for a long time, and I adore it… Basically, I made 6 solutions, half of which I rejected and the other three.


Out of these three book cover design solutions, Darija chose one … We are currently working on it together.

In style is a painting by Piet Mondrian … 52 smaller miscellaneous various frames, make up one large Daria’s frame-book.


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“Never give up… everything happens when you least expect it…”


Write your impressions, questions, or pictures in the comment below …

Until reading …


One picture, speaks more than 1000 words … photo: Dusko Medakovic,










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