How to prevent rapid worn-out pedestrian crossings on roads … (safe)

How to prevent rapid worn-out pedestrian crossings on roads

How to mark pedestrian and bicycle crossings without lasting as long as possible …


Very simple … Instead of marking with color, they should be made of another material


You must have come across a road once, that you can barely see the pedestrian crossing … You weren’t sure if it was an unused crossing or a neglected crossing that is not regularly maintained …


Here in Croatia, these pedestrian crossings are painted with a special color … high quality, low quality, or low quality …

Then it is not strange to get to the worn-out pedestrian and bicycle crossings ...


How to prevent rapid worn-out pedestrian crossings on roads …

Instead of paints, these transitions should be made of another material, slightly raised above the road …


Why does the City Administration not regularly maintain/control it?


Problem/Location: Pedestrian crossings/City of Slavonski Brod, Croatia


One picture, speaks more than 1000 words … photo: Dusko Medakovic


Here you can see:

  • landscape design

  • neglected and devastated buildings

  • communal buildings and equipment

  • public spaces

  • communal infrastructure and the like, which need to be arranged, rehabilitated, reconstructed, replaced, cleaned. ..:


worn-out pedestrian crossing the road


worn-out pedestrian crossing


worn-out pedestrian bicycle crossing the road


pedestrian crossing the road


I hope that this content has helped you to look back and take appropriate measures against the culprits and the competent services in charge of resolving pedestrian crossings in your place …

All with the aim of eliminating these shortcomings and living in a clean and healthy environment …


Pedestrian crossings/Internal-External links within this website:


Business page:

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Do you have similar cases in your city and how do you deal with pedestrian crossings?


Write your impressions, questions, or pictures in the comment below …

Until reading …….

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